Ian Anderson & Leslie Mandoki #WeSayThankYou


My dear pal Hungarian-born German producer, songwriter and bandleader Leslie Mandoki sent an email to me two days ago with the request to play a few lines of flute and sing along here and there on a new non-profit song he had just written. This is in the context of his own complete isolation in Germany where his doctor wife, Eva, is a first contact physician in their region of Bavaria.

We have worked together for more than 20 years on various collaborations with his band Soulmates featuring the good and great of classic rock and jazz. My first reaction was - hopefully not another sanctimonious, self-serving and smug pop star utterance we can really do without. But - when I actually heard the master tracks and loaded them up in my audio recording software I was very touched by the simple and direct sentiments of the lyrics. So the usually-cynical and grumpy Mr A decided to give it a go.

Of course, we all thank the brave, hardworking front-line medics and care workers around the world. But he managed to put into the lyrics references to the police, grocery clerks, supermarket workers too. Even the dark reference to the speculators making a killing from the current crisis. They know who they are.

I would like to add to the list those essential worker folks who it was impossible to squeeze into a three minute song: the farmers and all those in food production, distribution and retail; the fishermen out there on the high seas; the refuse collectors; our military who continue to keep us safe; the delivery men and women who try to ensure our supplies with essentials; journalists and news-gatherers who keep us informed with often depressing but sometimes uplifting stories from around the world; the medical and economic advisors to governments who have to carry the can, if and when they get it wrong, as unfortunately they sometimes will in this ever-evolving and complex world situation.

And, of course, all the other workers who continue to toil in the background to keep this world turning, if a little more slowly, for the the months to come.

To all, we say, thank you.

Ian Anderson & Leslie Mandoki

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A number of fans have been sending autograph requests recently to a private office accountant’s postal address which is not suitable for getting my attention, or to an old PO Box address no longer in service.

I have shown below the address you should use. Any mail sent to the address below will reach me in a few days (provided I am in the UK) and I will endeavour to reply as required.

Please note: autograph requests should be limited to one item only. Give your name and I will personalise the photo. If you send your own photo or CD cover etc, please be aware that you do so at your own risk. I can not guarantee safe receipt if you don’t give your name and address CLEARLY printed on a return envelope suitable for sending to your address.

Please do not send multiple items as I will only sign one and my office will return the others unsigned. Same thing applies to autograph requests in person as many of you already know. Seems reasonable to me. I have British pop legend Cliff Richard’s autograph, signed to me personally. Why on earth would I want more than one? There is only one Cliff and only one me! And just the one, precious autograph. Come to think of it, funny that he never asked for mine…..

Regretfully, mail sent to any other address than the one below is unlikely to be opened and safe return to sender not undertaken.

Correct mail address for Jethro Tull/Ian Anderson:

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Steve Bailey

My pal Gavin has a new book out. Thoroughly recommended to Remainers and Brexiteers alike. A carefully researched and considered font of wisdom regarding the effects of a Brexit – both soft and hard.

We have a few short weeks to absorb information like this and be better prepared for the outcome, whichever side you are on. I downloaded my Kindle Edition copy last week. Sober reading during a couple of days working (while I still can) in Old Europe…..

Ian Anderson. 1st September 2019.

Choosing a duo setting and tapping into his deep pool of creativity, Steve Bailey takes bass to a new place on Carolina, while redefining the meaning of “duet”. Album features Bailey on 6-String Fretless bass and 17 other artists including Ron Carter, Mike Stern, and Anthony Jackson; Ian Anderson, Dennis Chambers, Howard Levy, Bakithi Kumalo, Becca Stevens, Victor Wooten, the legendary Willie Nelson, as well as Willie’s son Lukas Nelson, and more.



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Here you can listen to the latest tracks Ian Anderson is featured as a special guest on. His latest guest appearance was on “Mad Fallen Leaf” with Andrea Vercesi.

For the full list of guest appearances, see the link below!



The Gloucester Magnificat by John O’Hara was commissioned by the Friends of Gloucester Cathedral in 2016. Adrian Partington conducted the five choirs of the cathedral with Jonathan Hope on organ and Nia Llewelyn Jones leading the junior choir. The world première was 8th July 2017. Adrian and John recorded the full concert in the historic cathedral early in 2018 and this disc is available from the Gloucester Cathedral shop.




In 1971, I wrote and recorded the song “Locomotive Breath” for the Aqualung album. The lyrical subject matter was the topic of runaway population growth.

Now, 47 years later, you have the chance to add your voice to the single most pressing problem facing future generations. From increases in global population, all other danger factors threatening our species, including climate change, continue to accrue. Apart from the odd rogue asteroid or black hole, of course.

In my lifetime alone, the population of the planet has slightly more than tripled. Yes – in one generation!

I have been a supporter of Population Matters for some years – ever since the venerable and much-loved David Attenborough became visibly the first person of real media presence to come out, unafraid to discuss the issues of population growth in our times.

Tricky and controversial stuff, I know, but don’t think that we concerned voices are about to shout down your right to have children. We are about the sense of responsible family planning and size. Responsibility not just to a nation, ethnic group or continent, but to the precious resource and life-giving spirit of planet Earth itself. No one is about to tell you what to do or not to do; merely to learn, understand and act upon your own conclusions. Responsible, informed choice. Especially for women in the modern world.

Animal Love Rescue Center

The Animal love Rescue Center is a no-kill, non-profit organization based in Costa Rica, caring for hundreds of different animals abandoned after accidents, sickness, abuse and disease.

Unfortunately, the rescue now faces closure because their hotel (that founded the center) went out of business and stopped generating income from the lack of tourists because of COVID-19. Please have a minute and check out


In this troubled world, human rights and especially women’ rights deserve our attention. In Israel, many citizens, whether Jewish or Arab need advice and representation, especially in these times when recently-passed laws have created the new Jewish homeland Nation-State Of Israel reducing the 20% of Arab citizens and their language to a minority status and favouring Jewish Israelis over all. Hardly conducive to a long-term solution of Palestinian and Israeli interests.

Not much we can do from afar, perhaps, but please show support for this NGO striving to find a better, more representative and fairer future for all people of the region.

(Shatil and Polyphony are recipients of all net income from Ian Anderson’s Israel concerts.)

Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull. 2018


The Polyphony Foundation

I have worked recently with Polyphony to raise funds through my recent concerts to support this valuable and very worthy cause. Polyphony brings together young students of Classical Music from within the very different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds of Israeli Jews and Arabs.

Showing cooperation and team spirit between communities in this way through both artistic endeavour and cultural mutual respect surely has to be a great example to young and old – whether in Israel or far-flung diasporas.

If you wish to help encourage this non-political, not-for-profit organisation please read all about their work at

Your help will provide hope for a young generation in allowing them to demonstrate the values of living and working together in peaceful harmony.

Join me, Ian Anderson, in giving your support now to the Polyphony Foundation. A most worthy cause and an important cog in the wheels which grind all-too-slowly towards peace in the Middle East.

Ian Anderson