A Classic Case


Arranged and conducted by long-term JT collaborator David Palmer, A Classic Case finds Jethro Tull performing 10 of its best known pieces with the London Symphony Orchestra.


A Passion Play


The standalone CD version of the Steven Wilson stereo mix of A Passion Play. Includes a 24 page booklet.


‘Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll…’


This new edition of the classic JT record features a previously unreleased re-recorded version of the album for a 1976 UK TV special.


‘Aqualung’ – New Edition


A commemorative edition of Jethro Tull’s classic 1971 album, featuring new stereo mixes by Steven Wilson.


Ian Anderson – Homo Erraticus (Sample Edits)

In advance of the release date, you might like to hear some snippets from the Homo Erraticus album. I have edited these to give you a good idea of the main elements of the material. I can, of course, sing the rest of it to you right now in the shower. Or, you can more safely wait and buy the album. Pre-order online here.

Gerald Bostock is alive and on Facebook and Twitter

Gerald Bostock TAAB

From time to time fans ask whatever happened to Gerald Bostock, the boy who penned the lyrics to the classic Thick as a Brick album. Actually we didn’t know but we just happened to hear from him and he is now even on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to say hello to the nearly 50 year-old.

Click here to read the latest Gerald Bostock diary entry

Homo Erraticus Lyrics


All the lyrics from Ian Anderson’s new studio album ‘Homo Erraticus’ are now available online in English, German and Italian.


Essay and acoustic guitar transcription of Aqualung, TAAB, My God

Here is an interesting and amusing look at Ian Anderson’s acoustic guitar use in the early years of Jethro Tull, from Soundscapes.info.


Ian Anderson’s Guest Appearances

Find and listen to Ian Anderson’s guest appearances on this new page, such as his recent appearance on Helen Andrews’ ‘Behind The Glass’. This page will be continually updated over time with new Ian Anderson collaborations, so be sure to check back so you don’t miss anything.


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Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre

Blakehill Nature Reserve Leigh, Malmesbury Rd, Cricklade SN6 6RH
01793 751412

If you have a fondness or a passion for wildlife, or simply vague feelings of guilt about the plight of our many UK species of wild fauna, please consider helping with a donation to Oak and Furrows.

We, the human species, have made life and reproduction difficult for our many indigenous animals through our creation of roads, railways and the encroachment of agriculture on the wild spaces of our countryside.

As a result many animals are found injured or lost by members of the public each year. With the help of and redirection by local vets, Oak and Furrows receives, cares for, nurtures and releases back into safer habitats, hundreds of creatures every year. The Centre with its small overworked team of dedicated professionals and volunteers relies on donations and the goodwill of you, the public.

For more information please visit: http://www.oandf.co.uk

Thank you.

Ian Anderson


The Polyphony Foundation

I have worked recently with Polyphony to raise funds through my recent concerts to support this valuable and very worthy cause. Polyphony brings together young students of Classical Music from within the very different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds of Israeli Jews and Arabs.

Showing cooperation and team spirit between communities in this way through both artistic endeavour and cultural mutual respect surely has to be a great example to young and old – whether in Israel or far-flung diasporas.

If you wish to help encourage this non-political, not-for-profit organisation please read all about their work at http://polyphonyfoundation.org

Your help will provide hope for a young generation in allowing them to demonstrate the values of living and working together in peaceful harmony.

Join me, Ian Anderson, in giving your support now to the Polyphony Foundation. A most worthy cause and an important cog in the wheels which grind all-too-slowly towards peace in the Middle East.

Ian Anderson

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