A warm welcome to Jack Clark, our new guitarist!

4 April 2024

A warm official welcome to Jack Clark, our new guitar player replacing Joe Parrish James.

Having played with Tull at times as substitute bassist covering for David Goodier, he also picked up the guitar to joint Joe Parrish James as second guitarist to replace missing keyboards while John O’Hara was away in Japan and Australia.

Being familiar with much of the Tull set list, Jack was the natural choice for a seamless entry to take over when, after three years of touring and recording with Tull, Joe decided to leave to concentrate on his writing and recording in the the band he fronts – Albion, currently featured elsewhere on this website.

I already knew that Jack had the musical skills and understanding of the Tull lexicon but could he manage all the intricate ensemble passages and high-flying free solos? Well, the answer was obvious at the rehearsals we did prior to Jacks first full-on guitar shows in March. During the next few shows, he has revealed himself to have all the “chops” and the meat and potatoes to go with them. As we embark on a tour of Brazil and the UK dates to immediately follow, our fans will get to know and love the new boy!

Jack was born in Carlisle in 1994. He attended the British Institute of Modern Music in Manchester and studied Music Production where he achieved a first. Jack grew up listening to bands like The Pogues and The Dubliners, along with the rock bands of the 70s such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. His main musical influences include folk singers and bands such as Stan Rogers and Planxty, along with heavier acts such as Iron Maiden and Opeth.

Jack also follows and is inspired by guitar players such as Eric Johnston, Guthrie Govan and, more recently, the incredible Matteo Mancuso. Jack plays guitar and sings backing vocals with Joe Parrish in their Folk Rock band, Albion, along with playing guitar in a Frankie Valli tribute act that plays small to medium sized theatres across the UK. Jack’s favourite food is Sushi and his favourite drink is a doppio macchiato (thanks to Dave & John!). Jack has toured with the Tull band in a stand-in capacity a number of times before taking on the full-time guitar role, and has enjoyed travelling all over Europe and playing some great venues. A highlight for him was playing at the awesome Cirkus in Stockholm.