Ian Anderson featured on Mandoki Soulmates single Devil’s Encyclopedia

14 August 2023

Ian Anderson appears on Mandoki Soulmates new single Devil’s Encyclopedia. The track is an exciting sneak peek into Mandoki Soulmates’ new album for 2024. Featuring Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Jesse Siebenberg (Supertramp) and Tony Carey, along with bandleader Leslie Mandoki, fusion legend Mike Stern, and Richard Bona.

Mandoki reflected on the inspiration for this new work: “When I see the division and radicalization accumulating today especially through a feeding frenzy on endless crises with social media, I feel that my art must work toward a generationally just world. I want to say to the grandchildren of Woodstock: Courage is calling for people like us.” Continuing his rumination, Mandoki points to the accompanying music video, which “addresses humanity’s eternal questions, crying out against totalitarianism and brutality. These days, wounded hearts are calling and the dogs of war are howling, presenting those of us who want to live peacefully in a free world with a dilemma.” As the song says, When words fail, music speaks.