Somehow, someday, somewhere – a song of hope from Polyphony

30 December 2023

As the year draws to a close, I wanted to share a final message of hope – through music. Polyphony produced a three-minute video arrangement of the iconic West Side Story anthem, “Somewhere,” also known as “There’s A Place For Us” that can be accessed below. The performance was a joint artistic collaboration between Polyphony’s Galilee Chamber Orchestra and the Israeli Opera. It is an incredibly moving rendition of the song, originally sung as a duet of hope between two lovers that their love would survive. During this turbulent time, the arrangement conveys the hope that our shared society vision will prevail.

The video, produced in a week and recorded on November 26th, is sung in Hebrew, Arabic and English, with accompanying text in all three languages, and amplifies our message in a way that words alone cannot.

In 2024, we must continue to safeguard shared Israeli society values by strengthening Polyphony’s message of hope. Today, more than at any other time, Polyphony’s mission – to bridge the divide between Arab and Jewish communities in Israel through music – is more vital than ever.