On this page you will find a reguarly updated list of Ian Anderson's current musical collaborations.

Mandoki Soulmates
"Devil's Encyclopedia"

Ian Anderson appears on Mandoki Soulmates new single Devil’s Encyclopedia. The track is an exciting sneak peek into Mandoki Soulmates’ new album for 2024. Featuring Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Jesse Siebenberg (Supertramp) and Tony Carey, along with bandleader Leslie Mandoki, fusion legend Mike Stern, and Richard Bona.

"Peace 4 Ukraine (Various Artists)"

Musicians coming from different countries performing the Ukraine’s famous song ‘Shchedryk’ (Carol of the Bells) in a very special version - with combination of many voices and melodies, and in their own local languages. Shchedryk (translated as 'Bountiful Evening') is a Ukrainian shchedrivka, or New Year's song, known in English as ‘The Little Swallow’. It was arranged by composer and teacher Mykola Leontovych in 1916 and tells a story of a swallow flying into a household to sing of wealth that will come with the following spring.

Steve Bailey

Choosing a duo setting and tapping into his deep pool of creativity, Steve Bailey takes bass to a new place on Carolina, while redefining the meaning of “duet”. Album features Bailey on 6-String Fretless bass and 17 other artists including Ron Carter, Mike Stern, and Anthony Jackson; Ian Anderson, Dennis Chambers, Howard Levy, Bakithi Kumalo, Becca Stevens, Victor Wooten, the legendary Willie Nelson, as well as Willie’s son Lukas Nelson, and more.

"Herstory" In The Shadows Project
featuring Ian Anderson


Ian with Marc Almond at Royal Festival Hall

"Lord of Misrule"

"Witches Promise"

Mad Fallen Leaf - Andrea Vercesi feat. Ian Anderson


Arianna De Lucrezia - Wicked Windows

"Wicked Windows" (from the 1999 Jethro Tull album Dot Com) with Arianna De Lucrezia and Beggar's Farm members.



A huge pleasure to perform on Heather Findlay’s new album. Prog-Folk homegrown music from one of the UK's most established and accomplished female vocalists of our time.



Omar Pedrini - Angelo Ribelle

Ian guests on "Angelo Ribelle" a piece from Omar Pedrini's album "Come Se Non Ci Fosse Un Domani" (As if there would be no tomorrow).



Tim Bowness - Distant Summers

Ian guests on Tim Bowness' 'Distant Summers' taken from his album 'Lost In The Ghost Light'. Featuring some stunning solos and harmonically rich compositions, 'Lost In The Ghost Light' is a concept album revolving around the onstage and backstage reflections of a fictional 'classic' Rock musician in the twilight of his career.



Helen Andrews - Behind The Glass

Singer/songwriter Helen Andrews was one of the musical guests at my ‘Rubbing Elbows’ show at Fareham in 2003, when we played ‘You And The Summer’ from her debut solo album ‘Wishing For The Moon’.

Back in 2003 I wrote: “Helen Andrews is one of those rare music biz commodities - the voice of an angel and not yet signed to a major record company. Which is just as well, as Helen is a maturing young career artist - not another instant love 'em and leave 'em one hit wonder which the world can do without. She weaves an autobiographical spell of sensitive, sensual mystery - is this the stuff of personal experience or creative, wishful fantasy? - who knows, but who cares? In hearing, lies the taking. Her gift to you. Grab it while you can."

Helen took some time-out from her musical career but is now back with “Circling Highs, Unravelling Lows”, released in Spring 2016, and I was delighted to contribute flute to its opening track ‘Behind The Glass’.



Manar 'Laekurinn'

Manar were the only band in Iceland (in the 70's) that played the full Aqualung album for dancing Icelanders at the “sveitaböll” or countryside balls, which are held all over rural Iceland to celebrate occasions like réttir, the fall sheep round-ups, and thorrablót, when everyone gathers in the dead of winter to gobble up traditional foods like soured ram testicles and rotten shark.
Ian guests on this piece, titled 'Laekurinn'.



Tiles - Midwinter

Detroit-based prog-rockers TILES have released their new 2-CD concept album “Pretending 2 Run” – which features Jethro Tull flautist Ian Anderson on the song “Midwinter”.

Produced by Terry Brown (Rush), “Pretending 2 Run” is an ambitious and richly crafted song cycle that spins the tale of a man blindsided and disillusioned by betrayal. Brooding and expressive, the band explores the dark subject matter by blending stylistically diverse musical elements.

TILES guitarist Chris Herin relates: "Ian has kindly helped us in the past with several promotional quotes beginning with our third album ‘Presents of Mind’. Over the years we floated the idea of him making a guest appearance and eventually the timing was right. We sent Ian a moody atmospheric tune and he wove some cool melodies in between vocal phrases; then cuts loose with his trademark flute improvising during the song's long ride out solo. I think I listened to it ten times to make sure it really happened - what a thrill for us and what a generous gesture from an icon of progressive rock!"

‘Rubbing elbows’ with Ian on “Pretending 2 Run” is an impressive list of additional guest collaborators including Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Adam Holzman (Steven Wilson Band), Mike Stern (Miles Davis), Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), alternative violinist Joe Deninzon, and many other notable musicians.

Hear Ian on ‘Midwinter’ streaming below.