The art of Tull bassist Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond

10 February 2023

Our old pal, Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond - bassist with Tull from 1971 - 1976 - has worked quietly in the background for some 46 years painting in his home studio. Whilst still at The Central School Of Art in London prior to joining Tull, he took up the bass (again) just in time for the recording of the Aqualung album. We had, of course, played together in 1965/66 with John Evans and Barrie Barlow in our “school" band The Blades and the subsequently named John Evans Blues.

But Art was always Jeffrey’s first love and he took to brush and canvas after leaving Tull, never to return to music - in spite of my attempts to lure him back! Jeffrey is a traveller and, like many of his artist heroes, he has made paintings based on his journeys across Europe and far beyond. But the seductive environment of Blackpool and other UK family holiday destinations is a recurring theme for most of his life.

Take a stroll through Jeffrey’s virtual gallery and enjoy the colourful and accurate renditions of people enjoying places. And - yes - you will spot the artist himself in many of his paintings lurking in the midst of the cast of hundreds!

Jeffrey tells me that he hopes to have prints available soon for purchase and so you may well have the chance to own some of his work yourself.