To all our fans and ticketholders for upcoming 2021 concerts in the light of recently-announced phased lifting of UK lockdown, we might all begin to feel a little more hopeful of a resumption in touring, both in the UK and elsewhere in the world. 

It is hoped that, in the latter part of May, international flights from the UK will be permitted and that quarantines may be removed, perhaps with the benefit of internationally-agreed vaccination certificates. Covid testing - especially when PCR tests are required - are logistical problems we have to solve for both travel outward and returning. 

But we can currently reasonably hope to play some outdoor shows in Europe this summer and to be assured that the September UK tour can go ahead as scheduled, along with indoor shows in Europe. 

Of course, we cannot predict what rules other governments and immigration authorities will apply for travel from the UK, or what local authorities will allow in terms of public gatherings, limited capacities and so on. But as the vaccination programmes roll out across Europe (eventually!) we hope that the prospects will improve as they have in the badly-hit UK which suffered, perhaps, the worst of the national second waves with the exception of the USA. 

So, fingers crossed for a resumption of concerts and tours from June onwards. Watch this space for further updates as we receive additional information from our many promoters through Europe and elsewhere. 

But at least the UK looks good for a start in Bath in mid-September. If we all behave ourselves in the meantime, that is!  Me, I will still be wearing my mask, washing and gelling my hands, keeping my distance and sporting two small holes in my arm. Why break the habits of what has seemed like a lifetime?

Please check out the TOUR DATES page for the latest information on which shows have been postponed by the promoters, whether in 2021 or into 2022. 

Take care, see you soon, get the jab and be safe.

Ian Anderson 

22nd February 2021.