News Update: February 1999

News Update: February 1999

Well, here we are at the mid-point of a second month of working intermittently on the new Tull album.  We tend to do a period of three days rehearsal and arranging of, maybe, two new pieces, followed by a couple of recording days to record the master backing tracks. The next day is for overdubs and repairs and the last day, (yes, I know you’ve been counting) is the day of rest; curiously the Christian Sunday, with all the hedonistic trimmings of Roast Lunch, robust wine, loose women but emphatically no song.

We now have a growing number of tracks laid out on good old analogue 2 inch multi-track and the next sessions begin tomorrow for some 10 days, with the final burst commencing March 15th for two weeks.  Mix that lot down and Bob’s yer’ Uncle — a new Tull treat for all — especially for me since I can’t wait to have some new material to play.  The release date is to be set for the end of August/beginning of September, since all proper record companies require a full 12 weeks manufacturing and marketing period to prepare the “product” for international simultaneous release. Summer being “dead” time for the European record trade makes September 1st the most realistic date.

By that time we will be in the USA to start the promotional and concert tours, although the dates have yet to be set.

The earlier European and  later UK dates are as above, and further shows will be added for February/March/April 2000.

The reaction to the new Tull web-site has been excellent and a big thanks to all of you who have sent e-mails to that effect.  You know I can’t reply to all of them but some of you will testify to the fact that I do respond to a goodly selection each week according to mere whim and fancy.

Some audio files are being prepared as we continue with the process of making the new record, and snippets of the various aspects of writing, rehearsing and recording will be featured during the coming weeks and added to as we approach the release date. Finally there will a complete preview of  30 second sections from the finished album available in the week before release, together with copies of artwork and lyrics for your consideration, ahead of actually forking out to buy the record.

A new feature we will be bringing to the site is the “FAITHFUL FOLLOWER” page which will profile a typical (or extraordinary) Tull fan chosen from the many or few who e-mail us with their details and a couple of attached photo files.  See below for the requirements.

Apart from the buzz you might get from being on the Tull site, we rather like the idea of getting to know you a bit better too. Especially you, Victor.

Some scandalous gossip, on subjects connected with Tull will be repeated for your eyes and ears only, courtesy of Andy Giddings’ parrot, on a page entitled appropriately, “PARKER’S PAGE“.  Andy’s parrot, Parker, frequently gets to hear things too awful to mention, and has the habit of voicing such dreadfulness at the drop of the proverbial dropping.   I will have nothing, nothing whatsoever, to do with such wicked meanderings. Or should that be me-andrew-ings?

Martin Barre is currently skiing in France, probably dangerously and in short trousers, and Doane just called from the Wylie-Wagon, en route from Heathrow Airport to here, to say that he IS BACK and ready for anything, but not until tomorrow, on account of being shagged out due to transatlantic tedium of the Boeing sort in seat 85F.

Andy is waiting for me to type this, so he can get it up.  (Web-speak for  cyberspatially lofting the new stuff.)

Jon is working on his Italian.

I am going to tuck into the remains of last night’s Indian takeaway and have a little siesta or two.

Hey, ho:  what a life.


17th February, 1999.