News Update: December 1999

News Update: December 1999

It has been a long seven months since we began the touring schedule for 1999:  Europe, USA, Europe again and the UK tour which ended two weeks ago.

Our UK dates took us to many old haunts — Classic British venues such as the Newcastle City Hall, Shepherds Bush Empire, Oxford Apollo, Bristol Colston Hall and some newer modern concert halls such as Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and the Birmingham Symphony Hall. The usually reserved UK audience came in droves, were suitably impressed and, er, well, remained usually reserved. But we think they enjoyed it!  Doane Perry certainly enjoyed it due mainly to the fact that he partook of many a vindaloo and dhansak. The good thing about touring the UK is that there are so many opportunities for dining out in ethnic splendour.

Having bid farewell to the crew and catering girls, we have all headed to our respective homes to the prospect of weeks of catching up with unpaid household bills, demanding wives and girlfriends, petulant pets, tedious tax demands and the inevitable last-minute rush to comply with Christmas shopping obligations.

Martin Barre has enjoyed a week of participating in one of his unmentionable sporting pursuits. He asked for this not to be specifically named due to the bloodthirsty nature of the activity but it seems like one weird thing for a vegetarian to be doing, if you ask me or Paul McCartney.

Doane has returned to LA and his mountain hideaway where the bills mount and the goats too, if you let them.

Jon Noyce has not been heard of but is probably still working on his Italian, God bless her little pasta socks.

Andrew G. is missing in action having last been seen heading for the wide open spaces of the West Country and on to Ireland for Christmas and the new year. Recently taken with the healthy outdoor lifestyle, he is rumoured to have purchased hiking boots and thermal clothing. Anyone know where to get hold of some all-weather No Smoking signs?

I, Mr. A. himself, have been in the studio preparing for my promo tour next year, and learning songs from “The Secret Language Of Birds” in readiness for recording a half hour video early in January. There have been several Tull interviews with press and radio in the USA over the last two weeks and Canadian promo to come soon. The official release date of the SLOB is March 7th. 2000.

Which brings me to the question of seasonal greetings on this most special of years. Oh yeah? The millenium comes early in my view, being a cute marketing hype for the multi-zero brigade who like it simple, punchy and rounded. Me, I can’t help but wait for the start of 2001 to pop the cork, boogie in the bathroom and hoist the mainbrace to bring in the next true millenium so aptly depicted in the Arthur C. Clarke novel and movie “2001” all those years ago. Hey, I’m with Arthur. Except on the small matter of the little-boy-thing in fun-loving Sri Lanka which cost him a knighthood or somesuch.

So, We Tull Boys True all wish you a most happy premature ejaculation, celebration and excitation on the day of your choice and a spiritually uplifting moment or two as you raise your glasses to the prospect of some kind of future involving global warming, GM gluttony, and What’s-‘is-name Bin-Liner getting his hands on some serious ordnance and nuking the planet.

You know, I’m sure I will be in a more positive frame of mind when I have finished paying the bills.

I actually look forward to spending a little more time on this website and reading a few e-mails over the holiday period as well as sorting out the various tour offers which we have for next year. More of that soon as fixtures become fixed and itineraries itemised.

In the meantime, HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND FESTIVE CHEER FROM IAN, MARTIN, DOANE, ANDREW AND JON and thanks a million for your support in 1999. It was exceedingly good to see you at our concerts and we hope you liked the new disc. SEE YOU AGAIN IN THE YEAR 2000. Wear something nice and bring a friend. Tell the friend to bring some money.

Ian Anderson,

21st December 1999