News Update: April 2002

News Update: April 2002

Well, the good news is that the first little Habanero seedling popped his head up through the fertile compost mix and breathed in the gentle fragrant airs of Spring.  I trust he will urge his other little pals, from Habanero and Cayenne families alike, to follow suit.

It has been a trying two months, when all kinds of administrative irritations had to be dealt with.

New record and DVD contracts were negotiated and put through the legal process. Hotels, flights, promotion schedules and the plethora of other tour-related desk jobs required countless hours of my time when I would have rather been working on more creative tasks.

Not that I don’t enjoy – in some twisted and weird way – the hum and drum routine of office work: the pleasure of working at home, alongside family and animals, is undeniable. But enough, already! There is much still to do on the tour planning and production work with the new dates added in August – see elsewhere on this site for the concert information – and further activities and recording planned in the Fall, Winter and through to Spring of next year.

Apart from the US dates in April, May and June, there are some concerts which I (not the full Tull band) will be playing with symphony orchestras during this year, and late next year – provided that I haven’t had enough of the scary moments which accompany such events.

On the 13th of July, I will be playing with the Bochum Symphoniker in – you guessed it – Bochum, Germany. Bochum is in the vicinity of Dusseldorf, Dortmund and Essen and the venue is a pleasant little outdoor amphitheatre holding about 2000 people. For information on how to purchase tickets, check the concert dates page during this month.

In September/October there are scheduled three Italian orchestral shows which should also feature my good chum Andrea Griminelli the classical flautist with the sexy Italian film star looks. According to the girls that is.

These orchestral dates are being assembled now, with a full programme of Tull tunes and a few snippets from my solo work.

Orchestrators are beavering away on the crotchety, quavery stuff while I assume the more languid creative pose of the Artiste and keep my fingers crossed that they actually understand what I am getting at with the general arrangements.

Playing with me on these few dates are Andrew Giddings on keyboards and bass, Kit Morgan on guitar and bass and James Duncan, drums and percussion. But more news of these shows later: the task at hand must be to share with you all the wonderful new live CD and DVD – both titled Living With The Past. Released between 30th April and 14th May, these new discs are shiny, round and come in attractive packaging fit for all the family.

No pictures of spooky Egyptian gods with dangly wobblers here: just the Hollywood-fun-filled pictorial reference to the one-legged flute player who we all know and love. More info on the new record and DVD elsewhere on this site.

Some new Tull arrangements are being worked on for the up-coming tour and a few songs different to those present on the DVD. A couple of last minute quicky rehearsals should do the trick but Doane Perry will have to catch up in a hurry since, being a resident of California, he will not be at rehearsal in body – but there nonetheless in the gigantic spirit which is the over-riding definition of the man. Armed with the reference CDs which I sent to him last week, he will, doubtless, be learning the new bits in the wrong tempos, time signatures and with choruses appearing in the veritable midst of guitar solos accompanied by more bongo-mania.

But not to worry – there is still the soundcheck before the first show to get it all straight.

On the health front, many of you will be relieved to hear that Martin Barre, whose operation on the dodgy elbow was of such great concern a few months ago, has recovered from post-surgical depression and is now playing happily at tennis, wind-surfing, bungee-jumping and arm-wrestling and so should just manage to slip in the odd concert with his electrical guitar. He was a bit miserable for a while so cheered himself up with the customary purchase of a new motor vehicle of simple taste. It is, so he told me, a MBW family run-about with a 1.1 litre diesel engine and 0-60 time of about 30 secs. with the wind behind him. It is powder blue with artificial wood trim and a side-opening sun roof. At least, I think that’s what he said. Sounds like a poor trade-in for the Porsche Boxter which preceded it. Maybe he could be pulling my leg.

Doane Perry faced an untimely incapacitation with potential surgery at both ends of his ample torso, but seems to have escaped with a warning. Shame, really, as I was rather looking forward to feeding him King Prawn Dhansak by tube (and not necessarily by mouth).

Some interesting parts to be travelled in the up-coming US tours. Savannah GA, Melbourne and Fort Myers FL, Jacksonville OR, Wichita KS, Tulsa and Oklahoma City OK, South Bend IN, Sheboygan WI, Chautauqua NY, Verona NY, and Trenton NJ are all firsts (as far as I remember) for Tull. Doubtless, some of you will put me right, telling me that Tull played in such and such a town in the Spring of 1970 – but I fear you may have been hallucinating. All too easily done, back in those days.

Another of our ex-colonies is on the agenda once more: Canada no less. Watch out, Canadians – that would-be president Tony Blair has world ambitions and may just claim it back……..

I have been realising my passion for reminding people of the potential perils of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) by working with the folks at Spotlight Health – an organisation dedicated to bringing public health issues to wider attention via the help of so-called celebrities. See the home page on this website for their official logo and my DVT message.

Tea-towel Ringo (Yasser Arafat) is not the man of the month. We were encouraged to believe (and so was Billy-Willie Clinton) that he was a reformed character in recent years but seems he was still a terrorist at heart.

Here are some readers’ thoughts on the definition of terrorism.


“The forcing of innocent civilians, through violence or the threat of
violence, to stagger through life in the braced hover position.”

Todd Fouts


“Terrorism – A violent form of hypocrisy in which perpetrators attack
innocent civilians to attract attention to alleged injustices

 Amos Robinson


“OK, here goes:

36 Words:
Heinous act committed with stealth and surprise, targeted towards an individual or group which presents  particular beliefs or resides within certain geographic or national boundaries; perpetrated by hit-and-run cowards resulting in destruction, paralyzing fear and death.

23 Words:
Heinous act targeted towards those presenting particular beliefs or residing within certain boundaries; perpetrated by cowards resulting in destruction, paralyzing fear and death.

3 Words:
Oh my God!

2 Words:
Oh sh*t!”



“in 2 words: bad guys. Hope to see you and the boys (and Martin’s stump) in Phoenix this summer.”



“An individual or group of people who aggressively assert their values or beliefs on others by violence and force. AKA Insane Bullies”

Sue Wilson


“Terrorism is a political ideology that allows individualsgroups to profit from a mass state of uncertainty.”



“Terrorism: a declared war waged by civilians, or an undeclared war waged
by politicians.

Either way, it’s war.”

Wayne Krantz


“Pursuing political goals by public violence, without democratic or legal sanction.”

Paul Daniels


And some letters on light-hearted topics:

“Greetings Ian,

My wife (slightly DVT prone) and I had a cheerful and safe trip to and from Thailand. Thanks for your advice on DVT as my wife did her aerobics regularly at back of plane. 

As we were relaxing in our Bangkok hotel, CNN was on television, my ears pricked up as I thought I heard the reporter say “Jethro Tull”. He was talking about the Foot and Mouth outbreak and that some cattle would have to be slaughtered to rid the disease. The cattle were on death row. What he really said was “Death Row Cull”.

I had a little chuckle, hope you do too.”


Rob Jobson


“Rear Jethro Tull! I am a large fan of you and have times a question:

How was at that time in the Hippie Aeara? Had really each long hair?
And still another special question at Ian Anderson one: Is there to
teach any literature around itself to transverse flute? Greeting,
Yves Hary. (this text was translated with a translator by the German
into English.)”

+MfG, Yves Hary  


And a salutary lesson………

“Hi Ian….

Last year y was in your Concert at Atlantic City, taking my girlfriend with me, we both had smashing time at the venue, in fact my girlfriend was ask by one of your staff member to participate in your concert while playing a song.

 Any way in our way home my wife caught us at exit of the Airport in mexico City, I almost got divorced, and I recover from that, I’m  still keeping seeing my girlfriend but what really hurts is that wife took of my J-Tull cds to a hiden place….

I hope sometime she forgives me and I can catch you on one of your
Concerts, I don’t know where since your are not coming to Mexico and I’ll moving to another country (Venezuela or Brazil) since I changing my job…..

Au revoir….”

Dr. Salvador C………


Funny stuff, that English Language…………


tks for yuor concert in Rome (20 jun 2001) foro italico IT WAS EXELLENT, I ask yuo (when you come near the gates in black car) first of concert ” PLEASE IAN GIVE ME ONLY AN AUTOGRAF”

amid your hand there is a plastic bottle you don’t look me never. Martin instead give me two signature un two album DOT COM and BROADSWORD AND THE BEAST


If you want my furgivennes You can send me YOUR ORIGINAL AUTOGRAF.


Aldo P….



Bye lumberjack. I am funning Ian, sorry but anyway i like too much to receice your autograph please try to solve this matter

sorry for my english WRITE ME, IAN.”


Thanks to all the many e-mailers who grace my realtull intray.

Kind regards, and see you somewhere soon.

Ian Anderson,

Sunny day, England,

April 6th 2002.