Scott was born in Bristol (UK) in 1973. After starting his musical journey on the piano when he was six, he went on to play the drums when he was fourteen in his first band “Half Decent” – and that they were!

He went on to study the drums with Dave Hassell on a three-year jazz degree course at Leeds College of music. It was here that he met his wife, Ruth, who plays saxophones, keyboards, piano, Hammond organ and sings. They are now based in Bristol and regularly gig all over the UK with The Scott Hammond Quartet and other projects.

Since 2010, Scott has been touring internationally with Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson (including some touring with Jethro Tull). Other artists Scott has worked with include Ruth Hammond, The Forster-Hammond Trio, Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson, Greg Lake (of ELP fame), Justin Hayward, The Colman Brothers, Beth Rowley, Ilya, Gilbert O’ Sullivan, Brendan Reilly, Tina May, Herb Geller, Bobby Wellins, Alan Barnes, David Newton, Eduardo Niebla, Jonny Boston, James Evans, Dave O’ Higgins, Jason Rebello, Ben Thomas, The Edge and many more. Scott has also performed many times on TV and Radio, both in the UK and internationally.

When he is not hitting things, Scott enjoys taking photos, watching films, playing tennis and he has recently become a certified scuba diver.