Ian Anderson on The Orchestra

IAN ANDERSON ON THE ORCHESTRA Ian Anderson, founding member of the legendary rock band Jethro Tull, has long been considered to be the foremost and, to many, the only exponent of rock-style flute. While still fronting Tull to this day with sell-out performances throughout the world, Ian Anderson now brings his acoustic talents to the orchestral stage.  He will perform … Read More

Another Programme, Another Tour

Another Programme, Another Tour Looking back over the thirty years of  “proper” tours which J. Tull have carried out, there has been a bewildering array of programmes to accompany them. The earliest were produced by third parties in almost laughable disregard for accuracy or value for money, in a cheesy, amateurish parody of British show-biz values. Later, when the tours … Read More

Ian Anderson joins Toto

IAN ANDERSON JOINS TOTO Well, not exactly – but it’s better that you hear this from me before the virtual gossip machine kicks into gear. I was deep in meaningful conversation with my new pal, the esoteric and suave Al Di Meola – maestro of the jazz-fusion guitar – when those loud and vulgar types Steven Hangbuddy Lukather and Robert … Read More