Doane Perry’s Diary – September 2001

Doane Perry’s Diary – September 2001 I am in my hotel room in Stockholm, feeling a very long way from home.  Sometimes the road can be a lonely place even when you’re traveling amongst friends and colleagues, but it feels particularly lonely right now.  The sad, tragic events in America two weeks ago heighten the degree of homesickness that I … Read More

Doane Perry – From a Stretch Limo to a Tijuana Taxi

Doane Perry – From a Stretch Limo to a Tijuana Taxi Oh, the changing fortunes of traveling musicians. One minute Donald Trump’s white stretch limo is shuttling you silently into New York City in garish and slightly embarrassing style with a full refrigerator of drinks and hors d’oeuvres and the next moment you’re in a tin can of a taxi, … Read More

Doane Perry’s Diary – July 2001

Doane Perry’s Diary – July 2001 We had a fantastic European tour taking in sights and places, old and new in Western and Eastern Europe. This time we had the colorful and charismatic Young Dubliners with us, introducing them to a new Euro audience who seemed to take to them as instantly as they took to the local beer. I … Read More

Doane Perry’s Diary – January 2001

Doane Perry’s Diary – January 2001 2001 began with a series of interesting and varied musical assignments. NAMM came and went with an enjoyable series of appearances with keyboardist Vince DiCola and “Chicago” lead vocalist and bassist Jason Sheff for the Alesis folks. Once again I found myself probing the depths of the new Midi machinery that Alesis came out … Read More

Doane Perry’s Diary – December 2000

Doane Perry’s Diary – December 2000 Smithsonian Air and Space Museum- here’s a little synopsis of some highlights. I was astonished to discover that the bottom diameter of the Hubbell Telescope is only marginally larger than one of my big Paiste concert gongs, which is also made from considerably sturdier looking metal than the outside of the Hubbell, which looks … Read More

Doane Perry’s Diary – November 2000

Doane Perry’s Diary – November 2000 OK, so it’s October…no need to work yourself up into a lather. There’s a lot of stuff going on and I’m a “bit” behind with the update on my activities. We’re going take a little journey in the Way Back Machine, so stop complaining about my tardiness and enjoy the ride! First, let me … Read More

Ian’s Diary: July 1999

Ian’s Diary: July 1999 It was a hot night in Budapest…… And in Brno, Prague, etc., all the way to Freiburg, Germany some weeks later. Summer in mainland Europe, and now summer in the sultry July heart of these most British of Isles. Captain Beefheart is singing “Bluejeans and Moonbeams” to me as I type this on my return from … Read More

Ian’s Diary: June 1999

Ian’s Diary: June 1999 It has been almost a month of transition from studio work to preparing for concert touring again. The final mix having been completed with the added vocals of Najma Akhtar, I took the masters down to Chop ‘em Out – a London production mastering studio – where the edited and compiled production master reference CD was … Read More

Ian’s Diary: May 1999

Ian’s Diary: May 1999 A rough month, in the sense of having to work some pretty long hours on the vocal and flute overdubs, together with mixing the 24 tracks to digital stereo. Not a day off since I came back from the brief Caribbean cruise. Anybody feeling sorry for me yet?  No, I didn’t think so. The design and … Read More

Ian’s Diary: March 1999

Ian’s Diary: March 1999 We holidayed (vacationed) with lots of rich Americans on board the MS Lucky Windstar, cruising to the most exotic destinations in the Caribbean. Tobago, Grenadines, Martinique, Barbados and St. Lucia came and went and so did rather a lot of our money, it being a luxury cruise, you understand. The good Captain and the Chief Officer … Read More