News Update: June 2000

News Update: June 2000 Tull are now launched upon their US tour and currently concluding the Texan dates at the end of the first week.  A total of 64 concerts are to be played over the next three months or so and the band cover most of the continental US and Eastern Canada, with the Far Alaskan Surprise to put … Read More

News Update: December 1999

News Update: December 1999 It has been a long seven months since we began the touring schedule for 1999:  Europe, USA, Europe again and the UK tour which ended two weeks ago. Our UK dates took us to many old haunts — Classic British venues such as the Newcastle City Hall, Shepherds Bush Empire, Oxford Apollo, Bristol Colston Hall and … Read More

News Update: October 1999

News Update: October 1999 The busy period of touring continues with the band returning from the USA to play concerts in Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, Italy and the UK. The US dates were punctuated by the odd hurricane, as usual, and some unseasonal cold weather (so the promoter tried to assure us) in Boise, Idaho and Missoula, … Read More

News Update: August 1999

News Update: August 1999 Half way through the US tour, Tull are briefly back in the UK to enjoy much-needed rest for some, and non-stop promo for others! The US dates began in Hampton Beach, at the Casino — a glorified club with tables arranged in the Germanic tradition for the beer drinking fraternity to get neck-ache from, given the … Read More

News Update: July 1999

News Update: July 1999 Tull have completed the first major series of tours for 1999. These consisted of 33 shows in five countries from Budapest, Hungary to Roseto, Italy. The majority of these have been outdoor dates in amphitheatres and castle grounds with a few town centres and an industrial wasteland thrown in for good measure. A TV show of … Read More

News Update: May 1999

News Update: May 1999 Jethro Tull are back on the road after four months of work in the studio writing, rehearsing and recording the new Tull album, named after this web site, j-tull Dot Com. The release date is to be August 24th. The record companies are Fuel 2000 in the USA and Canada, (distributed, sold and marketed by the … Read More

News Update: April 1999

News Update: April 1999 Hard on the heels of the last recording sessions for the Tull album, I am now ensconced in the studio mixing down the 24 track masters to two track stereo.  Mixing is a pleasure/pain exercise. Pleasurable, because the fun of hearing tracks again after a few days, or even weeks, is invigorating in itself but also … Read More

News Update: March 1999

News Update: March 1999 Recording: More and more work has been carried out on the Tull album with a period of  some 10 days late in February being devoted to drum, bass and keyboard overdubs, as well as the recording of two more backing tracks. Martin was on holiday, skiing in the Austrian Alps and almost failed to return in … Read More

News Update: February 1999

News Update: February 1999 Well, here we are at the mid-point of a second month of working intermittently on the new Tull album.  We tend to do a period of three days rehearsal and arranging of, maybe, two new pieces, followed by a couple of recording days to record the master backing tracks. The next day is for overdubs and … Read More

News Update: January 1999

News Update: January 1999 Well, what can I say?  The web-site took a little longer than anticipated to get up and cyberspatially running. This was because web-meister Andrew Giddings was incapacitated over the Christmas and new year period with a bad case of the wretched flu near-epidemic which reduced all Brits of delicate constitution to quivering, pain-wracked, bed-and-floor-ridden, incontinent, dribbling … Read More