News Update: August 2002

News Update: August 2002 On the eve of our departure for another US summer tour, I should start by apologising to our European and other world-wide followers for giving most of our attention to the Americans this year. Ne worry pas! I have just agreed European tour dates for next June/July (2003) in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland with Italian … Read More

News Update: April 2002

News Update: April 2002 Well, the good news is that the first little Habanero seedling popped his head up through the fertile compost mix and breathed in the gentle fragrant airs of Spring.  I trust he will urge his other little pals, from Habanero and Cayenne families alike, to follow suit. It has been a trying two months, when all … Read More

News Update: January 2002

News Update: January 2002 Happy new year from all of us at to you, dear readers. We have been busy boys (well, at least I have) over the last couple of months with a UK tour and ongoing work on the DVD project.  We recorded and filmed, principally at London’s Hammersmith Apollo theatre where we have played many times … Read More

News Update: October 2001

News Update: October 2001 In the last few weeks, there has been much for us all to talk and think about and, for me at any rate, this has been a time to refrain from frivolous chat or comment. September 11th saw me in the quaint and bustling Italian town of Reggio Emilia where I played with a bunch of … Read More

News Update: July 2001

News Update: July 2001 Another train, another day speeding up the mighty Rhine (down again, tomorrow). Since we last spoke, dear reader, we have journeyed through Euroland via Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy and back to the Fatherland where we fell upon the ground, kissing it madly after a nearly thwarted attempt to leave Pasta-heaven. Strikes in the airports of … Read More

News Update: May 2001

News Update: May 2001 God bless Deutsche Bahn and all those who roll with her. I write this from the train en route to Magdeburg from Frankfurt, near which we played last night on the second concert of our European tour. Quiet as a mouse, we snake our green and sunny way across the heartland of Germany – double glazed … Read More

News Update: April 2001

News Update: April 2001 Off to Nashville! Tull head to the music capitol of the USA, at least that’s how the proud Nashvillians would like to see it, for a brief TV recording of a few songs for the TNN Channel. Recorded at the Wildhorse Saloon on the 1st May, this show will spearhead the new series of Classic Rock … Read More

News Update – March 2001

News Update – March 2001 I suppose that the most significant news at the moment is the addition of new tour dates on the website. The US dates have been the most recent to be finalised and the European dates are already on sale. Scandinavia will be on sale soon and the UK shows at the end of March. The … Read More

News Update: January 2001

News Update: January 2001 Well, last year of the False Millennium is now behind us and the glorious voyage into the True New is finally undertaken. When I was in Brazil recently and on a local radio station, I was surprised but comforted to learn that they (the Brazilians) were celebrating on the correct year and, on returning home, I … Read More

News Update: August 2000

News Update: August 2000 We are nearing the end of the second leg of our North American tour with a total of forty shows played. The third leg, taking in the west coast of the USA, begins in Las Vegas on Sunday 27th August and the rest of the dates are found elsewhere on this website. No great recent dramas … Read More