News Update: January 2009

News Update: January 2009 Having devoted most of 2008 to the dubious celebrations of  the 40th Anniversary of Jethro Tull,  I am, once again mercifully free of nostalgia, claghorn and the blue comfort blanket of the repertoire of our earliest years. Well, perhaps not entirely free, as some of the really old songs will stay in the set-list for a … Read More

News Update: December 2007

News Update: December 2007 Dear followers, fans, friends and those of idle curiosity, Many best wishes for a fruitful and joyous 2008 from me, the band and crew of Jethro Tull. It has been a busy year of touring through 2007 and we have visited many familiar and not-so-familiar countries, cities and cattle stations. The Locomotive briefly drew Breath in … Read More

News Update: January 2007

News Update: January 2007 Well, as the old year has drawn to a close, I can reflect on a busy 12 months of travel, challenging and exciting new musical relationships and the opportunities to visit and revisit old and new friends across the planet. In a year when the climate change message really started to kick in – especially via … Read More

News Update: August 2005

News Update: August 2005 Just back from a quiet week in Switzerland where we visited a cheese factory, drove around the Alps to many a quintessentially Swiss village for raclette, fondue, rosti and – you guessed it – a veggie curry, courtesy of the Kashmir Restaurant in Glion, near Montreux. Now, back to the office desk, heaving with unresolved paperwork … Read More

News Update: April 2005

News Update: April 2005 Riding the Jumbo beast, as we speak, back from sunny Santiago, Chile. I have just played a few solo shows with local orchestras in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile – mostly old haunts from previous Tull tours – and looking forward to a welcome few days at home before boarding the next Jumbo beast to Australia … Read More

News Update: May 2004

News Update: May 2004 Oh, what a lot of office work since we finished the UK tour. Concert tours to set up and confirm and promo to do. But I managed a quick trip to Slovenia to play a few songs with the Slovenian Rock/pop singer/flautist, Tinkara. The fact that she is a girl, attractive and a nice person had … Read More

News Update: January 2004

News Update: January 2004 “Over here in India, we are reading that some of your band members are turning into ladies…..” So asked a female journalist from one of the Bombay newspapers in an interview three weeks ago. “Well,” I replied, “take a good look at the guys here and if anything doesn’t look quite right, let me know immediately. … Read More

News Update: February 2003

News Update: February 2003 Well, no news is, in this case, good news. The last few weeks have shot by, with all of the Tullboys-true engaged in all kinds of chores – both creative  – and domestic. Doane has been at home in LA looking after his wife Heather, who has endured a bad health patch but is now on … Read More

Ian Anderson on Rubbing Elbows

Ian Anderson on Rubbing Elbows Imagine a slightly saucy talk show with too much music: or a music concert with a tendency to wander off into obscure spoken topics and with the comings and goings of some odd bods, waifs and strays from the world of radio, local media and musicians.  Somewhere between lies the format of “Rubbing Elbows With … Read More

News Update: September 2002

News Update: September 2002 September announced the foliage season for me with the end of our August tour spilling over to the first of September in the glorious Lakes region of New Hampshire. Gilford is a tiny town with an amphitheater venue set on a farm. Fun place to play but a chilly evening as it turned out. Good last … Read More