Your Emails

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Many, many thanks for the multitude of e-mails which many of you send to me, Ian Anderson, during your sleepless and un-fulfilled nights.

I do read and ponder on almost everything which is sent to me, but the task of actually replying to all the communications is beyond the scope of time available.  Some of you will know from the replies which you have had that I really do answer some of the mail. This is on a random basis and depends on what catches my eye. Multiple e-mails in block capitals have the tendency to turn off my social urges.

No attachments please, since I don’t want to explain to Shona that I caught it off a toilet seat, honest.

It’s nice of you all to take the time to write and if you get a brief reply from me sometime, thanks for reading it. It won’t take you long!



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Greetings Ian,

My wife (slightly DVT prone) and I had a cheerful and safe trip to and from Thailand. Thanks for your advice on DVT as my wife did her aerobics regularly at back of plane.

As we were relaxing in our Bangkok hotel, CNN was on television, my ears pricked up as I thought I heard the reporter say “Jethro Tull”. He was talking about the Foot and Mouth outbreak and that some cattle would have to be slaughtered to rid the disease. The cattle were on death row. What he really said was “Death Row Cull”.

I had a little chuckle, hope you do too.


Rob Jobson

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Rear Jethro Tull!

I am a large fan of you and have times a question:

How was at that time in the Hippie Aeara? Had really each long hair?
And still another special question at Ian Anderson one: Is there to
teach any literature around itself to transverse flute? Greeting,
Yves Hary. (this text was translated with a translator by the German
into English.)

+MfG, Yves Hary

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Dear Ian:

I attended the Toledo, Ohio version of Rubbing Elbows and, although I thoroughly enjoyed the entire performance, was especially taken by “Griminelli’s Lament.” Hearing it now via the website is indeed an unexpected treat. My eyes want to cry as I hear it, but more noticeably it’s my nipples that jump to attention and scream “thank you.” You touch me in a way that could very well be illegal in many jurisdictions.. On behalf of myself and its countless fondled parts, thank you for your efforts through the years and into the future. You are a good man.


John (surname deleted)

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Hi Ian….

Last year y was in your Concert at Atlantic City, taking my girlfriend with me, we both had smashing time at the venue, in fact my girlfriend was ask by one of your staff member to participate in your concert while playing a song.

Any way in our way home my wife caught us at exit of the Airport in mexico City, I almost got divorced, and I recover from that, I’m  still keeping seeing my girlfriend but what really hurts is that wife took of my J-Tull cds to a hiden place….

I hope sometime she forgives me and I can catch you on one of your
Concerts, I don’t know where since your are not coming to Mexico and I’ll moving to another country (Venezuela or Brazil) since I changing my job…..

Au revoir….

Dr. Salvador C

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tks for yuor concert in Rome (20 jun 2001) foro italico IT WAS EXELLENT, I ask yuo (when you come near the gates in black car) first of concert ” PLEASE IAN GIVE ME ONLY AN AUTOGRAF”

amid your hand there is a plastic bottle you don’t look me never. Martin instead give me two signature un two album DOT COM and BROADSWORD AND THE BEAST


If you want my furgivennes You can send me YOUR ORIGINAL AUTOGRAF.


Aldo P…. roma, Italy

Bye lumberjack. I am funning Ian, sorry but anyway i like too much to receice your autograph please try to solve this matter

sorry for my english WRITE ME, IAN.