Archived Tour News

  • News Update: June 2000

    By Tull on June 12, 2000

    Tull are now launched upon their US tour and currently concluding the Texan dates at the end of the…

  • News Update: December 1999

    By Tull on December 21, 1999

    It has been a long seven months since we began the touring schedule for 1999: Europe, USA, Europe…

  • News Update: October 1999

    By Tull on September 30, 1999

    The busy period of touring continues with the band returning from the USA to play concerts in Holland, Belgium,…

  • News Update: August 1999

    By Tull on August 17, 1999

    Half way through the US tour, Tull are briefly back in the UK to enjoy much-needed rest for some,…

  • News Update: July 1999

    By Tull on July 10, 1999

    Tull have completed the first major series of tours for 1999. These consisted of 33 shows in five countries…

  • News Update: May 1999

    By Tull on May 30, 1999

    Jethro Tull are back on the road after four months of work in the studio writing, rehearsing and recording…

  • News Update: April 1999

    By Tull on April 1, 1999

    Hard on the heels of the last recording sessions for the Tull album, I am now ensconced in the…

  • News Update: March 1999

    By Tull on March 17, 1999

    Recording: More and more work has been carried out on the Tull album with a period of some…

  • News Update: February 1999

    By Tull on February 17, 1999

    Well, here we are at the mid-point of a second month of working intermittently on the new Tull album.

  • News Update: January 1999

    By Tull on January 17, 1999

    Well, what can I say? The web-site took a little longer than anticipated to get up and cyberspatially…

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