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  • News Update: August 2002

    By Tull on August 2, 2002

    On the eve of our departure for another US summer tour, I should start by apologising to our European…

  • News Update: April 2002

    By Tull on April 6, 2002

    Well, the good news is that the first little Habanero seedling popped his head up through the fertile compost…

  • News Update: January 2002

    By Tull on January 1, 2002

    Happy new year from all of us at to you, dear readers. We have been busy boys (well,…

  • News Update: October 2001

    By Tull on October 26, 2001

    In the last few weeks, there has been much for us all to talk and think about and, for…

  • News Update: July 2001

    By Tull on July 17, 2001

    Another train, another day speeding up the mighty Rhine (down again, tomorrow). Since we last spoke, dear reader, we…

  • News Update: May 2001

    By Tull on May 25, 2001

    God bless Deutsche Bahn and all those who roll with her. I write this from the train en route…

  • News Update: April 2001

    By Tull on April 30, 2001

    Off to Nashville! Tull head to the music capitol of the USA, at least that’s how the proud Nashvillians…

  • News Update – March 2001

    By Tull on March 7, 2001

    I suppose that the most significant news at the moment is the addition of new tour dates on the…

  • News Update: January 2001

    By Tull on January 18, 2001

    Well, last year of the False Millennium is now behind us and the glorious voyage into the True New…

  • News Update: August 2000

    By Tull on August 1, 2000

    We are nearing the end of the second leg of our North American tour with a total of forty…

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