Kit Morgan

Guest Guitarist

Kit Morgan

Kit was born in Moreton-in-Marsh, England on the 23rd June 1958. With his father in the Air Force, he spent many of his early years in the Mediterranean, hence his enduring penchant for sun-worship at any opportunity.

He discovered the guitar at the age of eleven and by thirteen was playing in semi-professional bands in the North London area where he finished his schooling (as soon as possible!). At the age of seventeen he took his first pro tour with ‘60s pop star Billy J. Kramer, and continued touring and working with popular artists in the cabaret scene for many years, including Guys & Dolls, Wall Street Crash, Lulu, Lenny Henry etc. Although a Hendrix fan through and through, this musical upbringing armed Kit with a vast stylistic diversity, resulting in his ability to slip easily and comfortably into almost any genre, including Jazz, Country (AND Western!), Blues, Rock, Reggae…the list goes on. Before working with Ian Anderson on his various solo projects, Kit’s last worldwide touring stint was a year with violinist Vanessa Mae.

After finally settling down in Bristol some 20 years ago Kit has become one of the most sought after session players and still busies himself with many recording gigs for TV, Film and Radio. Much of the guitar work you’ll hear on wildlife programmes (Discovery Channel, various David Attenborough series and the like) will be Mr. Morgan’s contributions. He now is a regular contributor (transcribing and recording) for Europe’s biggest selling guitar magazine, Total Guitar, is the Musical Director for Bristol-based theatre company ‘The Ministry of Entertainment’, whilst continuing to compose and record for TV.

During a recent lull and a period of ‘male menopause’ he recorded a relaxation CD, (as much to preserve his own sanity as much as anything else!), which is now released and available on the New World record label.

His favourite tour to date was without doubt the most recent Orchestral tour with Ian Anderson in America, during which he made some lifelong friends, lost three cellphones, a camera, four pairs of trousers, countless dollars and still managed to play a gig in Torrington, Connecticut twenty minutes after being knocked down by a passing Buick. Priceless.

Kit Morgan accepts cash donations, used clothing and welcome assistance by old ladies while crossing the road.

(Photo Credit – BBC News)