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  • Ian Anderson’s ‘Homo Erraticus’ now available to pre-order

    The new album from Jethro Tull frontman to be released on Calliandra Records in conjunction...
  • Homo Erraticus – The new studio album from Ian Anderson

    After the last two TAAB shows (for all time?) in the Czech Republic, sniffle sniffle, we head home to celebrate two years of great concerts around the world. Thanks to you, dear reader and devoted punter, it has been a rewarding, if challenging time for us all. To be able to perform so much new and conceptual old work together is a gift not many bands would have bestowed upon them. Old lags like me are supposed to fade away with the occasional revival or best-of tour in comfortable, familiar places. But out with a bang, I say. No comfort zone repetition and cozy ride into the final sunset. Turn up the wick. Burn a little brighter. Take on the impossible and take a trip. A wild river raft ride down the canyons of the Far Side.