To all our fans and ticketholders for upcoming concerts in the light of this global pandemic, please check out the TOUR DATES page for the latest information on which shows have been postponed.

We will implement updates here at and other social media on the same day as we receive 100% confirmation of the actual changes which the promoters are forced to make. As you can appreciate, finding alternative available and routable dates is not easy. Especially since all other artists are currently being forced into the same urgent course of action. 

You may read in your local news media of forced closures at these venues and wonder why this is not reflected on the Tull website.  That would be because we are unable at that time to give precise details of alternative dates. As soon as we know, you will know. Tickets already purchased will be, we are told, valid for the rescheduled dates. Refunds, as such, are beyond our control, depending as they do on the policy of venues, promoters and ticket agencies. 

These are unprecedented times and our thoughts go out to our fans and supporters everywhere. We  hope that you and your loved ones will remain safe and that we can meet again before too long in happier and safer times. Thanks for your understanding and please follow all your local government advice. It is there to save lives, however inconvenient and unwelcome it might be.

Take good care. Stay well.

Ian Anderson

Jethro Tull