New Year/New Website Update from Ian Anderson




Hello everyone. Thanks for visiting the updated IA/Tull website. There is a new look and some new features for you to enjoy in 2017. Tour dates are being added to all the time as contracts with promoters are exchanged and tickets actually go on sale. For our North American pals there are three tours scheduled for this year so watch the tour dates page for more news. We visit Australia and New Zealand in April and have many shows in various European countries throughout the year.

Some of the concerts are with full production – video screen and special effects – and some are straight-ahead best of compilation shows where video screens are not possible. The material this year is a collection of best-known Tull classics with a few rarely-played pieces. But the show will change a bit from time to time according to allotted performance times, other acts, festivals and so on.

We have a new album release in March with the String Quartet album (see elsewhere on this site) and go into the studio in a few weeks to record some songs for a new studio album to be released probably early 2018.

There is the forthcoming remixed and repackaged Songs From The Wood album which the backroom boys at Warners Music have been working on. Steven Wilson, once again, is the mastermind, master-ears and master-fingers behind the iMac, running Logic in an array of colorfully-coded tracks and segments. Amazingly, we found some unreleased material and other versions of some material so a veritable bonanza for the Tull-geeks is at hand. Whatever turns you on.

My fingers are sore from a lot of relatively rare guitar playing as I finish up writing the final elements of the next studio album. And my brain is sore from marrying up the lyrics – many written over the last months – with the intricacies of the music while remembering to keep the keys, time signatures and tempos varied for interest and contrast.

Christmas concerts at Durham and Bradford Cathedrals are on for December. Maybe another one too if we can get the dates to work.

So, have a wonderful 2017 and the best of wishes to all of us – whether we are facing the impact of “Brexit” and European election concerns or managing the tricky relationship with a new and divisive US president. Exciting times. But for many of the wrong reasons. May the good ship Earth not founder on the rocky shores of populism, extremism, intolerance and hate.

There are plenty of other hazards to face so put on your best smile, face into the wind and think of someone you love. Will my errant son-in-law face up to the brilliantly portrayed Negan in The Walking Dead or will he roll over and play pussy again? Will Daryl regain his elegance, poise and impeccable manners and kick bottom? Well, whatever. I must ask Rick Grimes over a takeaway hot dinner next week for the inside track on how the season will end. Not that he would dream of telling me. A King Prawn Jalfrezi with Tarka Dal wouldn’t be out of the question. If he’s paying that is….

Ian Anderson
Jethro Tull