Happy new year from Ian Anderson

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Happy new year from Ian Anderson

Very best New Year wishes go to all our fans and followers for this 2018. We hope to see you at a concert along the way but if you have other plans, not to worry. My best wishes go out to you anyway! Have a good one and – whoops – forgot yet again that it is the 50th Anniversary of Jethro Tull on the 2nd Feb (technically-speaking) so make mine a large Monkey Shoulder on ice. And, on the 25th Jan, enjoy a wee one too. It’s Burns Night!

Check out “to A Mouse”. Recognise the sentiments? – https://www.scotland.org/events/burns-night/the-poetry-of-robert-burns

All the best again to everyone and may a daimen icker be in your thrave.

Ian Anderson, at home,
2nd January 2018

IA in the studio working on a new album for release March 2019. Shhhh; keep it a secret…