Florian Opahle leaving Jethro Tull at the end of 2019

Florian Opahle leaving Jethro Tull at the end of 2019

Sad to have to say that “young” Florian Opahle is leaving us at the end of 2019 after 15 great years of recording, touring and travelling the world.

Florian was married a couple of years back and has spent much of his free time since developing his own new businesses with his wife Assunta.

He has taken the decision to start the next phase of his musical career as record producer and manager of the Redboxx Photographic and Recording Studio business near his home town of Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany. https://www.redboxx-studios.de

We will all miss him hugely, as will our fans in the last decade and a half. But, just as many of us in different areas of work feel the need to move on and start new ventures, Florian, at arguably the mid-point of his professional life, is following his musical path to pastures new. His dedication, hard work and complete professionalism at all times have been a hallmark of his time with us.

His artistry and technical contribution to recording and stage shows have been of tremendous benefit over the years and will be the basis of his new, more residential career living and working at home close to family and friends.

His place for 2020 will be taken by a new fresh face on the music scene so check out this website for further news in due course.

All the very best for the future, Florian, from your friends and comrades in the band and crew. We will stay in touch and doubtless have a few opportunities to work again in the years to come.

Ian Anderson.


Dear friends, I would like to take the moment to thank you all! It's been a fantastic time touring around the world and seeing so many of you at countless shows - again and again.

Lots of great memories and moments on and off stage. Good friendships have grown over the years and I am looking forward to seeing you again in the future to come.

Thank you!! Yours, Flo