2018 Jethro Tull Christmas concerts announced!

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2018 Jethro Tull Christmas concerts announced!

Ian Anderson will present the Christmas Jethro Tull at Cathedrals in Chester, Birmingham and Hereford this December! Details and ticket links below:

No shows booked at the moment.

“Whether your Christmas is a secular affair of gift-giving and family togetherness or a more wonderful recognition of one of the two biggest days in Christian calendar, join us for some uplifting Christmas spirit, music, readings and maybe even a prayer or two.

The bringing together of people of all backgrounds, cultures and faiths in this way is possible, perhaps, only under the auspices of modern Christianity, especially the Anglican Church. So, if we can help to draw people in to these beautiful and historic building to savour just a little of the spirit of Christmas, it seems like a worth while effort” – Ian Anderson