Andean Mountain Cat Appeal Reaches Target

Many, many thanks to all of you for your kind and generous donations to the field study for this extremely endangered cat. And much thanks also to those who gave lesser but significant amounts to bring the total up to the required figure. Special thanks to Charles Knowles whose enormous donation has been so helpful.

We are now at the end of this particular appeal and the small surplus will go towards another project to radio collar and monitor the habits of the Pallas Cat in Mongolia.

So, no more cash for now, please but there will be other vital projects along the way which we can all support. If you wish to contribute to similar causes in the meantime, then look no further than where the list of important fundraising opportunities is regularly updated.

IA_cats large

Thanks again for the support,

Ian Anderson.

Useful cat links:            (Good general wild cat information site)              (IUCN Cat Specialist Group)         (Responsible private breeding and conservation)       (Gordon Blankstein’s private wildcat breeding centre)     (Pat and Helen’s work with margays and ocelots)  (Jim Sanderson’s site)         (UK wild cat sanctuary and conservation body

……and of course:   (Dawn Simas’ team)

I have personally visited several of these facilities and strongly recommend them as a source of information and inspiration.